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CFP: Religious Encounters: Tradition, Text, and Travel (Edited Volume, proposed to be published by Bloomsbury)

CFP: Religious Encounters: Tradition, Text, and Travel (Edited Volume, proposed to be published by Bloomsbury)

Religious Encounters: Tradition, Text, and Travel (Edited Volume, proposed to be published by Bloomsbury)

deadline for submissions: 

July 31, 2024

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University of Wolverhampton

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Title: Religious Encounters: Text, Travel, and Tradition

As Michael Pasquier rightly suggests, the concept of ‘religion’ is relatively modern, emerging predominantly through political and scientific innovations. However, this does not imply that notions of the ‘sacred’ or ‘spiritual’ were absent in earlier times. From the dawn of human existence, individuals have sought to create meaning around themselves and their place in the world. This quest to explain the origin of life and the universe has led to the creation of sacred histories, narratives, oral mythological traditions, texts, symbols, and sites.

Travel—whether physical, astral, or spiritual—has often been a central theme in human religious and spiritual encounters. Astral and spiritual travel have found expression in various forms and genres of literature. Meanwhile, physical journeys undertaken by significant figures, such as the Exodus in Judaism, the Hijra in Islam, the Udasian journeys in Sikhism, and the travels of Buddha, have established sacred and religious sites. The journeys to these sites have given rise to a vast literature of pilgrimage. While pilgrimage has been extensively analysed as travel writing, the value of interactions and intersections that occur due to the  other forms of travel, such as sightseeing, cultural tourism, secular pilgrimage and grey tourism, to religious sites remains understudied.

This edited volume, titled “Religious Encounters: Text, Travel, and Tradition,” seeks to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary examination of how religious encounters shape, and are shaped by, textual narratives, travel experiences, and traditions. It focuses on the dynamic interaction between sacred texts, transformative travel experiences, and the preservation of cultural traditions. The volume aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the complex relationships that unfold in the realm of religious diversity. It intends to explore religious journeys as sites of encounters where identities are constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed. The objective is to examine not only pilgrimages but also various other settings where religious interactions occur, such as places of worship, community gatherings, personal reflections, and ethnographic studies.

Call for Papers: We invite scholars to contribute to this volume, which will be proposed to Bloomsbury Publishing, by submitting papers that explore the following themes:

  1. Sacred Texts and Travel:

If you are interested in contributing, please submit an abstract of 300 words and a 200-word biographical note addressed to Kiranpreet Kaur Baath (

Call for abstracts (deadline): 31 July 2024 

Notification of acceptance: 30 August 2024

The final submission will be in the form of a chapter of 6,000 to 8,000 words, including references.