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CFP: Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures and Religions

CFP: Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures and Religions

Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures and Religions (book series)

deadline for submissions: 

January 3, 2025

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Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures an Religions

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Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures and Religions Series

Series Editor: Heather Ostman

The Palgrave Studies in Global Literatures and Religion Series invites book proposals for essay collections or monographs that align with the Series’s intention:

The Palgrave Macmillan Global Literatures and Religions series foregrounds literary uses of religion (doctrine, ritual, historical, cultural, metaphoric/symbolic), as well as its extensions (such as mysticism, religious orders, and other further-reaching possibilities) as frameworks, points of access, or expressions of divinityin narratives or poetry. This series focuses on literature, drawn from around the world, produced during the periods between the sixteenth century to the present, when the major world religions were experiencing tectonic shifts in their demographics and their societal roles in modern life. Grounded in literary study and theory, the series offers studies that explore the ways literature has imagined and reimagined the role of religion, as well as divinity. As such the series prioritizes a dialogic approach to the study of literature and religion, with a careful and thoughtful eye toward studies that reflect and expand what “religion,” means, as a dynamic, ever-changing feature of cultures, spanning multiple centuries.

Importantly, the scope of this series broadly includes the perspectives of diverse global religions, as it offers readers insights into this field from a rich multiplicity of texts, representative of a fuller picture of the present literary landscape. The series focuses on literature familiar to current students, scholars, and readers, in addition to lesser-known narratives and poetry, as they too bring greater depth to the ways literature and religion intersect and create greater understandings of the human condition.

Taking this broad approach, the Global Literature and Religion series offers volumes that emphasize the quest for meaning and the search for divinity within the theological, cultural, political, and/or social transitions of the last 450 years.

To submit a proposal or for more information, contact Dr. Heather Ostman: