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October 1, 2024

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Journal of Festival Culture Inquiry and Analysis

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Food fests, feasts, and gatherings address the role of food in events, gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies. Exploring how people incorporate ideas about food into festival culture, including history, heritage, tradition, creativity, and social and political factors. 

In addition, it examines festivals in which food is not the main focus, yet contributes significantly to the atmosphere, memory, and tradition. It also looks at people’s fascination with taste. In addition to examining these notions, we will also examine trends in the consumption and production of food.

We welcome submissions for next year’s symposium (ISFC 2025) and journal (JFCIA 2026) examining food experiences through travel and the relationship between street food and food at festivals. We also encourage submissions that focus on policies, preparation, and organising festival food and food festivals. Practitioners are welcome to submit articles on their specific areas of interest in festival culture.

We welcome theoretically informed and empirically grounded narratives about festivals, feasts, rituals, gatherings, and celebration food, including but not limited to:

Please note that you can submit to one or both of these calls. 

Symposium submissions: 

Abstracts of up to 500-word (only abstracts/papers that have not been previously presented and published will be considered) and biographies of no more than 100 words (in Word .doc format). As part of the symposium, you will be required to prepare and present a 10-minute presentation. Send Abstracts for consideration for next year’s symposium here:

Journal submissions:

If you would like your work to be considered for volume 5 (2026) send an early submission of an abstract proposal please click the link.

Journal submissions for 2026: All submissions considered for inclusion will be peer-review. Please send your 500-word abstract (only abstracts/papers which have not been previously presented and published will be considered), and a bio of no longer than 100 words should be included (Microsoft Word Document). Full articles no more than a 5,000 words. 

We are currently reviewing and working on volume 3, but early submissions are encouraged, and we provide updates as often as possible. Early submissions also assist us in determining whether there is interest in the topic.

Abstracts/papers previously published or under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this Journal will not be accepted.

Submit Journal Abstract Proposal here:

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