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CFP: Special Series on Christianity and Empire

CFP: Special Series on Christianity and Empire

Call for Papers: Special Series on Christianity and Empire

The Christianity section of Religion Compass seeks proposals for original, article-length surveys of current research on any aspect in the history or culture of Christianity as it pertains to empires past or present.Previous work appearing in Religion Compass has addressed theological problems around Christianity and empire (Rieger, 2015), early Christian origins and the Roman Empire (Frilingos, 2010), and Christian imperial projects in modern Anglophone empires (Dougherty, 2019; Stocker, 2015). We are interested in building on this work by publishing articles that consider other regions, time periods, or thematics in any imperial histories that have interacted with Christianity.

Potential areas of focus include, but are not limited to the intersection of Christianities, empires, and:

If you are interested in writing a review article answering these or other themes, please 1) write a brief proposal of no more than 200 words describing the scholarly conversation you want to present and giving some indication of the angle or approach you will take and 2) send it to both of the Christianity section editors, M Dougherty ( and Sarah Riccardi-Swartz (

As Religion Compass only accepts articles on commission, please do not write your article until you have heard back from the editors about your submission.

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